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PMDC New Guidelines for Doctors

To practice Medicine/ Dentistry in Pakistan, all doctors are required by Law to be registered and to have a license to practice
Good Medical Practice requires doctors to keep their knowledge and skills up to date throughout their working and to maintain and improve their performance.
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a key for doctors to meet these professional standards and is one of the source of information required for appraisal and revalidation/ recertification.
Medical Science is dynamic and it is essential for the doctor to become acquainted with the advances in medicine. Continuing Medical Education (CME)/ Continuing Dental Education (CDE) is an essence of this concept. Tremendous advances are taking place in the field of medical sciences,
continuously changing the concept, approach to management and the outcome of several diseases.
The term CPD acknowledges the wide-ranging competencies needed to practice high quality medicine/ dentistry, including medical, managerial, ethical, social and personal skills. CPD therefore incorporates the concept Continuing Medical Education (CME), which generally is taken to refer only to expanding the knowledge and skill required by the doctors.
PM&DC has developed standards and guideline on use of CPD as a mandatory requirement under section 16B of PM&DC (Amendment) Act 2012 for the renewal of license to practice.
According to which;
License to practice be given only to those medical/ dental practitioners/ specialists who have completed at least 5 credit hours/ years (for GPs) and 10 credit hours/ year (for specialists) of training of eMf. These training shall be conducted by recognized DAI/ professional body.
Importance of credit hours and updating knowledge of doctors has been globally accepted and also been approved by all the Medical councils. This is necessary as the modern medical science is growing leaps and bounds and the update for any medical doctor is necessary for overall societal betterment. The doctrine of patient “deserves the best” has to be respected.
To establish a robust regulatory framework of compulsory CPD being part of legislation, the Medical! Dental institutions/ organizations in Pakistan are invited to get registration as accredited organization for CME/ CDE. These accredited organizations shall provide opportunities of continuing
professional development to the registered medical/ dental doctors. .-.
Certificate of Continuing Medical Education (CME) of only those DAI/ Institutions will be entertained which shall be registered with PM&DC.
No renewal of PM&DC registration will be considered without certificate of CME after implementation of these CME/ CPD guidelines. Or once formally disseminated to the institution and advancement and as displayed on the web site (whichever comes appear earlier).

About CFMP

The College of Family Medicine Pakistan is a national voluntary organization of family physicians that makes continuing medical education of its members mandatory. The College strives to improve the health of Pakistani by promoting high standards of medical education and care in family practice, by contributing to public understanding of healthful living, by supporting ready access to family physician services, and by encouraging research and disseminating knowledge about family medicine.