College of Family Medicine Pakistan

Membership Information


Qualified medical practitioner (with valid PMDC registration) working in general practice for a minimum periods of five years or two years graduate training in a recognized hospital or graduate training in the recognized hospital or medical institution followed by 3 years general practice. He shall pay prescribed fee for membership.

Privileges of Membership:

Regular subscription shall entitle the members to all privileges of membership of the college.
Every member shall be supplied with copies of all publications of the college either free of charges or at such rate as the executive directors may fix from time to time.
Every member shall have the right to attend and participate in all programs of the college.
Every member shall have the right to vote on all resolutions put forward at General Body Meetings.
Every member shall enjoy all other privileges that college may offer.

Obligations of members:

To uphold ethics of medical profession.
To do all in his power to promote the cause of the college and take keen interest in the activities of college.
To inform promptly to Secretary General about any change in his / her address or any addition to his/ her qualifications.
To pay the subscription fee and other dues on time.

Recently the Life Membership fees is only Rs 7000/=
To apply, kindly contact us.

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